How to run the live update in Norton 360?

Steps to run the live update in Norton 360. Remember that these steps are for the latest version of Norton if you are using an outdated version contact with Norton customer helpline number or update your software

  1. Launch the Norton software on your computer.
  2. Move your cursor to “Security” option and then click on it. After that select “Live update”.
  3. The live update will start, run this process till you get the message saying “Your Norton product is updated to latest protection”.
  4. Click on OK, when the live update is complete
  5. Finally, your Norton software is updated to the latest protection features. Now restart your computer

Norton 360 give its user a great security service from the virus, malware, and Trojans. But Norton 360 sometimes cause problems while live update due to some reasons

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Causes of Live update error LU 1814

Live update error LU 1814 occurs in Norton when the client cannot connect to the specified host and this problem can be due to these listed reasons:

  1. When the file entries available in computer resists live update from connecting
  2. It can be due to the availability of the S32LUHL1.dll file
  3. It may possible that Norton software in your computer has some corrupt and damaged files present
  4. Live update is not allowed to access the live update server
  5. Local permission causing the problem
  6. Your computer doesn’t have a good internet connection

These were some specified reasons behind the live update error LU 1814. This error can be very frustrating when you know that your computer is not safe from cyber threats. But all this issue can be solved by following some troubleshooting methods.

Fixes for Live update error LU 1814 in Norton 360

  1. Check your computer for damaged and corrupt files with any 3rd party software and remove all these unnecessary files
  2. Check if you have the proper internet connection
  3. Check for the S32LUHL1.dll file to remove it from the system. Because this file needs unnecessary setting in Norton and causes problems
  4. Go to the control panel > programs. And allow Norton to perform some certain tasks.

Live update error LU 1814 should be solved by these methods. For an instance, if you think there is any need of expert’s assistance, call on Norton customer support number to get more described and better help

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