There are ‘n’ number of anti-virus and online security software these days, and it becomes difficult for the users to choose best one for them. But Norton has been known and awarded for the best out of them and has got the comparatively better feedback from the users. But even after being so prominent, it has some flaws and defects too. ‘Server error’ is one of those problems, and it is very frustrating for the users who are on a serious work, and suddenly this error occurs. You will get a message related to the server, and you will have to close the software.This might hamper the work as well as the mood of the user. If you are facing this server error and you want to fix it, you need to follow the steps given below according to the device you are using. You can also get in touch with Norton Antivirus Support Number to get technical assistance by professional experts regarding the issue

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Steps to fix Norton server error for Windows users:

If you are a Windows user and you face this issue, you can resolve this issue by running LiveUpdate. All you have to do is follow the steps given below:

  1. You need to start Norton
  2. You need to go to the notification area and click right on Norton icon. Then you need to click Run LiveUpdate
  3. Once your LiveUpdate on Norton is finished, you need to click ‘OK.’
  4. You will have to Run LiveUpdate until a message occurs ‘Your Norton product has the latest protection updates’
  5. Now you need to restart your system after exiting all the programs
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Steps to fix Norton server error for MacOS users

You can follow these two steps if you use Mac

  1. Remove license for your Mac : For this step, you need to follow the given methods
    • You need to sign in to Norton and go to the device security page
    • Select your Mac device and delete it
    • Click remove in the remove device confirmation window and then click done
  2. Activate Norton
    • First, you need to start Norton and click Activate now in the Norton main window
    • You will see a subscription window where you will have to enter your login credentials and click sign in.
    • All the registered licenses will be displayed on screen along with their subscription details
    • You can activate your product by using an existing subscription. You need to select the subscription and proceed by clicking on Next
    • Now you will see some instructions on the screen. You need to follow them to complete the activation process

If you carefully follow steps mentioned above, it would become easier for you to fix this error without any difficulty. But if you think that these steps are not able to help you out, you can ring up antivirus support number where the experts are available 24 hours for you with their detailed solution to the issue.

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