Norton Mobile Security, as the name suggests is an application that has been designed especially for providing complete protection to the smartphones and tablets from the attacks of malware and viruses. Like desktops and laptops, even mobile phones and tablets must also be protected from the intrusions. You can get a free trial for the same and can use this application in both iOS and Android for a 30-day run. It is one of the most trusted anti-viruses and anti-malware protection.Here are the five reasons why you should use

  1. 100% detection rate: There are many anti-virus applications that do not detect the malicious presence of virus or malware in the system completely and doesn’t provide all-around protection. But with Norton mobile anti-virus, you can enjoy the success rate of an absolute 100%. It will completely scan the device and when it shows ‘No Malware detected’, it actually means it.
  2. App scanning- Users download and install so many applications in a day. Whenever you will try to install an application in the system after downloading, Norton Mobile Security will first scan it beforehand and will give you a report that whether the application is completely safe to install or not. With this, you will not be a victim of malware associated applications
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Download and Install Norton Mobile Security

How to download and install Norton mobile Security in both Android and iOS?

The steps for downloading and installing the Norton mobile security app stays the same for both interfaces

  • Go to the Google Play store (Android) and Appstore (Android) and search for Norton Mobile Security
  • Click on the icon and download and install the application
  • Once installed, agree to the terms and conditions
  • Now tap on the menu icon and then proceed to sign in
  • Enter the email ID and password that you had entered while you had purchased the application
  • Sign in and activate the security app
  • If you haven’t activated the Norton Mobile security, then move to the next step
  • You can activate it using, the application purchased from a retail store or Norton store, with an existing subscription or when you had purchased it from the play store.

If you wish to know more about the same and the exact process for activation by the three methods that have been mentioned above, you can reach out to the customer care executive for the advice and help.

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